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Free Read- Rock Hard By H.C. Brown

Rock Hard

©Copyright H.C. Brown 2013
Cover Art by H.C. Brown ©Copyright March 2013

This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.

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Published in 2013 by H.C. Brown

Rock Hard is a free read. As a short introduction to the novel Take Me, Break Me, published by Dreamspinner Press  on 11 April 2013.


Rock Hard
 H.C. Brown

Tanner Star signed his name and pushed the contract across the table. He grinned at his manager. “Signed, sealed and delivered. Now when do I get to meet the rest of the guys?”
“We have a ‘welcome to Dazed’ party in the penthouse. They started celebrating your arrival an hour ago.” Bob Canning slapped Tanner on the back. “We’ll head up now and I’ll introduce you.”
“Great. I know Deke. We went to the same school and have been close for years.” Tanner pushed back the chair and got to his feet. “And I can’t wait to meet Reno. Man that guy makes a guitar sing.” He licked his lips. “And did I mention he’s hot?”
“I’m sorry to disappoint you but Reno’s straight. He has a girlfriend and he doesn’t cheat on her, so I’m guessing their relationship is heading for the altar.”
Tanner swallowed the, "you have to be fucking joking", hovering on his lips and shrugged. “Really?  Well that’s a surprise.”  Fuck.   The news hit him like a kick in the balls. One of the reasons he’d signed away a lucrative career to become the front man of the rock legend band, Dazed, was to get close to Reno. The guy had crawled into his heart or maybe his libido from the first time he’d laid eyes on the sexy bass guitarist. His instant attraction to Reno had come as a surprise after two long years of celibacy, wandering lost in a world of heartache. In fact, that sexy Adonis had fast become his anchor to reality.
The image of the six feet of blond sexy drifted into his mind. Oh, fucking yeah. His balls ached with desire. How could he possibly work close to this man and not touch? Tanner shook his head. He’d never hit on a straight guy in his life but now— Christ, he wanted Reno hard, needy and begging for his flogger.  Dragged from his fantasy by Bob clearing his throat, Tanner followed him from the room, down the hallway, and into to the elevator.
The doors slid open at the penthouse level. Heavy metal music thumped into the hallway. Tanner straightened his shoulders. The door to the penthouse opened and Deke, grinning like some deranged baboon, waved him inside. Tanner forced his brain to memorize the names of everyone but his mind went to mush the instant he stood before Reno. He inhaled the scent of the man, lemons and a hint of male musk.
“I’m Reno.” Blond sexy held out his hand. “I can’t believe I’m meeting you at last. Deke has told me so many stories. You are a fucking legend.” He pushed a lock of blond hair off his face and his full kissable lips turned up in a sexy smile.
Tanner held his breath. Fuck! The man had the most expressive eyes he’d ever seen and in the deepest shade of green...no emerald.  He clasped the offered hand and pulled Reno into a hug. “Thanks, man. We need to get together. I’ve wanted to write a song with you for ages.”
The man lingered in his embrace. The heat of Reno’s body seared a path straight to Tanner’s cock.  Reno’s soft hair brushed his cheek and muscular arms gripped him for a moment before dropping away. Tanner gazed into Reno’s flushed face.  Cinnamon lashes dropped over his sultry eyes, his expression was one of confusion.  Tanner dropped his voice to his best, I want you whisper. “Where does a man get a drink around here?”
“Oh . . . ahh . . . over there.” Reno pointed to a table laden with food and drink. “Did you say you want to write a song with me?”
“Sure. I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while but Dazed seems to be in constant tour mode of late.”
“I’m staggered —the Tanner Star wants to write a song with me? Fuck! I would love to work with you. I put down a few instrumental tracks last night that might interest you. I’ll get you a disk.”
Tanner strolled toward the refreshments. Oh Lord, this couldn’t be this easy. Reno was giving out the wrong signals if he wasn’t looking to play.  The expression in the guitarist’s eyes was pure unadulterated lust. Tanner wanted to get close to Reno and maybe discover if the girlfriend really existed and wasn’t a cover.  The delicious man had leaned into the hug and his soft lips had brushed Tanner’s neck. His skin tingled from the accidental contact.  He poured a glass of bourbon and smiled at Reno. “I like the personal touch when I’m writing lyrics. Come up to my room any time and we’ll work on a few songs.  That is, when I know what number room they’ve put me in, Bob didn’t say.” He sipped his drink. “We’ll have plenty of time between gigs. I’m not planning on partying every night on this tour.”
This is your room.” Reno’s lips turned up at the edges. “You get the penthouse.”
“Sweet.” Tanner took in the large opulent room. “Up here we won’t be disturbed.” He met Reno’s gaze and smiled at the flush creeping up the man’s neck.  Oh yeah, you’re interested, straight be damned.
Deke’s chuckle broke through the wall of sexual tension. His heavy hand dropped on Tanner’s shoulder.
“I see you’ve met Reno.” Deke grinned.  He turned his attention to Reno. “Watch out for this one, man. My friend here is a Dom and he takes edge play to a new level.”
Tanner watched the expression in Reno’s gaze go cold. He forced a laugh. “Now you’ve frightened him, you asshole.”  He inclined his head. “Yeah, I’m a Dom does that worry you?”
“Nah, I’m used to Deke and I’m even more in awe of you now.”  Reno grinned. “It’s gonna be fun writing songs with you. I’m looking forward to us getting together real soon.”
“Fuck, I’m too late. Run while you have the chance.” Laughing, Deke pushed Reno toward the door.
 “I’m not going anywhere.” Reno stood his ground. “I don’t have to worry. A straight guy like me is way under Tanner’s radar.”
 Oh, no you’re not sweet thing.
 ©H.C. Brown 2013

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Take Me, Break Me by H.C. Brown

Dreamspinner Press
On Pre-sale now.  Release date 10 April
M/M BDSM Erotic Romance


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Reno Rocket, bass player for the rock band Dazed, thinks he is on the straight and narrow but is his girlfriend just a cover for his confused sexuality? When the new lead singer, Tanner Star, walks in Reno’s libido snaps to attention. His attraction to the famous rock star is immediate and disconcerting. Performing with Tanner every night blows Reno’s mind, and the moment Tanner grinds against him on stage “curious” takes on a whole new meaning
Tanner wants more than a lover. He wants a sub, and he’s willing to guide Reno into the world of BDSM. In turn, Reno wants to be everything to Tanner—lover, sub, and partner—but he fears the ghost of Tanner’s dead boyfriend will come between them.
At first they manage to find a balance and life is idyllic . . . until one rash action by Tanner plunges their new love affair into chaos. Will Reno admit to the world he’s gay and face the media and his family’s wrath, or will he deny the love and exquisite attention Tanner’s world has brought him?


Blacktown Recording Studio, London, England 

“DOWN, lover boy.” Deke leaned against the poster-covered wall and grinned. “You’re starting to drool, man.”

Star gazed through the window of the soundproofed booth to the delicious young musician putting down an instrumental track. Reno Rocket’s blond hair fell over his face in a silken mass. Immersed in the complicated riff, he let his long slender fingers caress the guitar strings with a lover’s touch. Man, Reno was one talented dude. Tanner had never met a person who played so many instruments. Reno played bass on stage but lead on all the tracks. Tanner’s gaze drifted over the tempting flesh of his exposed neck and the ragged T-shirt with the brown stain over one shoulder. He grinned. Earlier, his casual bump into the sweet guy had caused a domino effect, ending with Deke spilling his cola down Reno’s back.
The brilliant composition flowed around him, through him, the guitarist giving life to a song Reno and Tanner had created together. Tanner tapped his fingers to the beat of Lenny’s drums. Caught in the magic of the moment, he became one with Reno and the melody. The young man glanced up at the booth and gave Tanner a brilliant smile. Tanner pressed a hand over his heart. “Have mercy.”

 “Don’t you think I’d have made a move on him by now if he was available?” Deke pushed his thumbs into the front pockets of his Levi’s. “He’s straight.” He let out a long sigh. “You’re wasting your time.”

 “Nah, I don’t think so. I’m guessing he hasn’t come out yet.” Tanner rubbed the back of his neck. “You may have worked with him for the past three years and think you know him, but I’m not fucking blind. Every time Reno stares at me, he gets that look in his eye. Have you seen the way he reacts to me on stage?” He raised a brow. “Man, as soon as I touch him, he blushes crimson and hides his hard-on behind his bass.”

“Ah-huh?” Deke grinned. “Yeah, well… I’d get a hard-on if you rubbed ten inches over my ass too.” He chuckled. “Man, you can rub against me any time.”

 Tanner folded his arms over his chest and flicked a glance at Deke. Okay, his friend was attractive, but two Doms together—no way. “Man, the day you rub your hairy balls on me, I’ll go fucking straight.” He licked his lips. “But if Reno rubbed that tight ass over me… oh, baby, come to Papa.”

 Reno attracted him with an innocence his Dom side craved to possess. The shy guy had a hard muscular body he wanted to lick all over. An angelic face and full, oh-so-fucking-kissable lips. Reno’s sultry, emerald-green gaze followed his every move on and off stage. The buzz between them hummed with deep-seated intimacy. He noticed the blush on Reno’s cheeks whenever they spoke. Hell, he understood adoring glances. If he had made a mistake about Reno’s sexuality, he would eat his guitar.

 “It will never happen.” Deke pressed his hands on the flashing control panel and stared at Reno. “What the fuck would a sweet vanilla boy want with a crazy Dom like you?” He smacked his forehead with his palm. “Christ! You think you can change him over to our team, don’t you?”

 Tanner smiled. Deke’s read on him came from a long friendship. In fact, Tanner had drooled over Dazed’s famous bass player from afar for years. What red-blooded gay man wouldn’t find him attractive? Okay, so yeah, he planned to make a move on Reno. The news Reno was straight had thrown him off course for a while, that was all.

With a wide grin, Tanner grasped his package. “Trust me, he wants this real bad.”
The music stopped. Tanner waited for the producer to start the playback. Inside the booth, Reno glanced up at him again with a smile that lit up his eyes. Tanner’s stomach went into free fall. He gave Reno the thumbs-up sign. His gaze dropped to Reno’s full lips. He swallowed hard and cupped his aching balls. I want you, sweet thing.

Sure, he had kept his distance at first, but Reno’s “I’m interested” signals had become difficult to ignore. He had decided to take things slow with the shy man. His friendship with Reno had developed over the past month into something special. The talented musician often came to him with ideas for songs, and he enjoyed working way into the night creating magic with him. Tanner smiled to himself. Had Reno become his obsession? True, vivid images of him flittered through his mind every fucking second. He had to admit, he craved the man as his obedient sub and a welcome addition to his empty bed.

 “Man, I can see your mind working from here.” Deke inclined his head. “Are you planning to make a move on him?” He laughed. “Oh man, are you in for a surprise.” 

“Oh, yeah, I’m planning a very sweet surprise.” Tanner wet his lips. “That delicious piece of ass is mine.”